Status Update

This page will contain regular updates of Greame’s situation as he is seeing Doctors and specialists to determine what needs to be done.

07 March 2019

Greame went to see a specialist today at 12:30 and the feedback is not that great. Specialist said that G-man will need an operation at some point, but currently the specialist booked him for a cortisone injection into the spine. (Booked for 8th of April 2019). This procedure needs to be done in theater and have anesthetic to ensure he is not moving during this injection.

The consultation at the specialist was R1200 and the cost for this injection is R12800. Some of the money that have already been raised will be used to assist Greame to pay these visits.

The next immediate step is the specialist advised that he should get a discectomy with a cost estimated at +-R120 000. (Discectomy =
surgical removal of the whole or a part of an intervertebral disc.)

The full operation that G-man needs to insert screws to fuse his back is estimated at +-R250 000.

Thank you all for the support and contributions thus far!