The Story
Our dear friend, known by many names - Greame, Big-G, G-Man and the most appropriate in this case, "The Gentle Giant!".
A good friend said it best "Possibly one of the most selfless people that walks this earth"
And he needs our urgent help! For once in his life, he needs everyone else’s help…and because it is Greame he’ll never ask….
The Story
This big man with the awesome beard were experiencing back pains and without going into much details, after multiple doctor visits, and scans the result are bad........

Big-G are suffering from a prolapsed L4/5 vertebrae... and the doctors says an operation to fuse them is the only way to go, and its very urgent as the fluid is pushing against his spinal cord..
The Story
Unfortunately Greame does not have a medical Aid, as he could not afford it anymore and does not have the money to pay for the operation he so very urgently need!

Friends got together and decided to launch the "Big-G" campaign so that we can raise money to help this beloved gentle Giant friend of ours, that ALWAYS helps others, and never expects anything in return.

Please browse this website for more information, letters from friends supporting Big-G and how you can help getting this giant Healthy again!

Please start the support by writting your story about Big-G. Anything that you want to tell us about him!